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Daily Archives: November 20, 2012

Divine Response ‚Äď II : An Augmented Reality Installation

Studying the relationship between space and rituals associated with the religious-cultural artifact Hanuman Chalisa. The concept of deity responding to the devotee in a manner that it can be sensed by the devotee was created. Augmented Reality used to create the artifacts which convey the response of the Deity.

Installation 2: Divine Response 2

Studying the behavior of the devotees, we realized that people touched the tail very affectionately. The touching of the tail seemed quite an opportunity for placing an interaction. It becomes magical in its moment and makes the devotee awestruck. Thus simply it becomes an interaction in which as devotee touches the tail, God speaks to them. As there is no physical evidence of any switch just the touch at the spot where generally all devotees touch, it will augment their reality with aural sensation. In this installation as technology becomes invisible at all such levels, from a perceptual and cognitive point of view, interaction becomes completely natural and spontaneous. It is a kind of magic. One of the Characteristics of a natural interface is thus the reduction of cognitive load on people interacting with it. 


Divine Response 2



Augmented Reality: AR supplements the real world with virtual (computer-generated) objects that appear to coexist in the same space as the real world.  Augmented Reality (AR) is a variation of Virtual Environments (VE), or Virtual Reality as it is more commonly called. VE technologies completely immerse a user inside a synthetic environment. While immersed, the user cannot see the real world around him. In contrast, AR allows the user to see the real world, with virtual objects superimposed upon or composited with the real world. Therefore, AR supplements reality, rather than completely replacing it. Ideally, it would appear to the user that the virtual and real objects coexisted in the same space.

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