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Shri Hanuman Chalisa ? At the international Film Festivals

Shri Hanuman Chalisa ? First Teaser

First Teaser of the film “Shri Hanuman Chalisa” based on the cosmic journey of a half monkey and half human — Lord Hanuman, a revered mythological hero known for his highest expression of devotional values.


Blueprints of Their Minds

Indian Express

Charuvi Design Labs featured in Indian Express -”Blueprints of Their Minds”. A glimpse of her upcoming one-of-its-kind promotional exhibition.


Holi Wishes from CDL Team

Global Commons at International Forest Short Film Festival, United Nations forums on forests

Our short film, ‘Global Commons,’ has been selected as one of 21 finalists, from among 127 entries across 38 countries, for the International Forest Short Film Festival. Forests for People is a short film contest that invites everyone, in every part of the world, to create and share a personal film about their own relationship to the forest. How it inspires you. Shelters you. Nurtures you. Contributes to your life, or even makes life possible.


The United Nations Forum on Forests (UNFF), a subsidiary body with the main objective to promote “… the management, conservation and sustainable development of all types of forests and to strengthen long-term political commitment to this end…”

International Forest Short Film Festival, United Nations forums on forests

Coming Soon…

Official Selection ? Stuttgart International Festival Of Animation 2013

Animated short film ‘Shri Hanuman Chalisa’ will be screened amongst the fantastic films at the Animated Com Award – 20th Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film (April 23 – 28, 2013) Germany, presenting awards in the field of applied animation and awards prizes for the best advertising, spatial communication and technology.


IDF 2013

The IDF’s Connecting Communities Happy Hours segment was an opportunity to showcase young Indian talent in the field of fashion, architecture, graphic design, animation, even prosthetic design. Trans-media artist Charuvi P Agrawal shared her digital art exhibition Shri Hanuman Chalisa- consisting of a film, an iPad app and an exhibition that demonstrated to users how they could enjoy a very personal experience with one of the oldest songs from the Hindu Scriptures.


A Stop Motion Recipe

The stop motion animation depicting the ethos of Charuvi Design Labs’ organic identity which draws its inspiration from ordinary everyday object and creates extraordinary art forms. Art which tells stories of the land which is rich in cultural heritage.

We started with a strong storyboard, 2 Guys, 412 Frames, 40 days & a stop motion recipe was cooked with beans, beads, rice, lentils, pure labour and lots of fun. The original seed of the idea was to bring together ideas, freedom, togetherness, creativity & high spirits.


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