2D Animation

The traditional form of animation in which moving pictures are created in a two dimensional environment.


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3D Animation

3D Animation is also referred to as 3D CGI. 3D Animation offers much more depth to the character, hence it looks much more realistic.


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Character Design

Are you intrigued by three fingered Mickey Mouse or Yellow colored Simpsons? We can create a character for your business with a unique personality.

Television Commercials

Unlike real shoot commercials, animated TV commercials are comparatively economical, offers wide range of choices. CDL studio specializes in both 2D and 3D animated TV commercials.


Feature Films

Full length feature films are an indispensable part of the mainstream entertainment industry. At CDL studio, our directors and artists have unparalleled expertise in breathing life to concepts.


3D Conversion

CDL offers services in 2D to stereo 3D conversion. We provide both high-quality conversion for theatrical movies, and medium-quality conversion for 3DTV and digital signage. Also, we perform depth correction for stereo.


Motion Graphics

For us, Design is where artistic form meets function. We are part problem solvers, part artists, and the most acute of observers in the world, constantly walking the line between imagination and practicality.